Welder Up


5FDP Music Video

"House of the Rising Sun"

A post-apocalyptic video for groove metal band Five Finger Death Punch featuring Welder Up rods and crew, with set design, costumes, and props all created by our own Steve Darnell. Parental guidance suggested.

The Gasser

This 1955 Chevy Sedan 150 is the living, rolling, growling embodiment of Steve's vision of a cartoon rat fink car.


Guns, gators, and a zombie knife are just a few of the details that give this Mack truck - built for client Gator Dodson - personality to spare.

Diesel Rod in the Dirt

A 1928 Dodge Brothers four-door sedan stirs up some serious dust clouds during a play session in the dirt.

Fermented Fruit

Built for a fruit farmer, this 1954 GMC features components that came straight from the farm, including wood paneling made from produce crates and jelly jar taillights.

"It's a sick passion"

An introduction to the Welder Up crew, creations, and shop, with highlights from both the Treasure State and Sin City.

"One scary f@#%ing machine"

We take Zoltan - one of the rock stars from L.A. groove metal band Five Finger Death - for an unforgettable ride.

Diesel Rod Burnout

The Diesel Rod, a 1928 Dodge Sedan, thrills the crowd and leaves its mark in the parking lot of a casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

"I spent a lot of time grounded"

See the car that started it all, and learn how Steve's ADD-addled childhood led to him spending lot of time alone in his room with mismatched model car parts, inspiring him to become the obsessively creative artist he is today.

Rods so hot they make you "Feel Like Making Love"

Informal video footage captured in the Welder Up shop.

As Seen on Vegas Rat Rods Monday Nights on the discoverychannel